How to Crawl into Bed Each Night

If you listen to either your mother or Tim Ferris, you made your bed shortly after rising.

If you did not make your bed upon rising, do the following:

First, shake out the prior nights dreams (orachelrenovation, person in bedr nightmares) from the twisted sheets.

Second, make the bedding sleek and straight with sheet corners meeting comforter corners.

Third – this step is extremely satisfying – toss back the matching edges of one corner and prepare to crawl in.

Fourth, slip in between the cool sheets and get ready for your ritual.

You have a few options:

One is to pull the covers up to your chin and say “bed, bed, bed, bed” over and over. A chant of pure satisfaction and glee. The feeling of having earned the comfort of bed and a delicious sleep. This is what Jim did. Having learned it from him and being someone who delights in delight, this is what I do too.

Or, you could pull the covers up to the bridge of your nose, close your eyes and lay on your back in quiet solitude for just a few minutes breathing deeply. Meditation for someone who would never purposely meditate. At some point, you may sense your wife peeking over at you from behind her book. You will know that she is smiling because she is smitten with your ritual. It is difficult to meditate (but not really meditate) while being observed by someone who is either lying next to you chanting “bed, bed, bed, bed” or watching you slyly out of the corner of her eye.

Nevertheless, you will stubbornly observe your few minutes of meditation / not meditation and then eventually lower the covers to release your arms, turn on your bedside lamp and grab your book.

Last step…settle in.

2 Replies to “How to Crawl into Bed Each Night”

  1. Sue says:

    Ahhh, this is the way to end a day. We should all take a cue from Jim and delight in delight.


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