In LitHib, author Kim Liao proposes that writers aim for one hundred rejections a year.

I’m well on my way. The phrase du jour is “not the right fit.” Part of being a writer is putting yourself out there again and again, and if the work is rejected, so be it. Dust off, try again.

I hope someday this page has many links to my published pieces. For now, it illustrates hard work in progress.

Published Pieces

Hobart Pulp, Untethered, Summer 2021

Months To Years, Apologies, Spring 2018

Brevity, A Day as an Emerging Writer, Winter 2018

Wayne Literary Review, 2018 Print Issue

Winner, 3rd Place, Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association 2018 Literary Contest

The Baltimore Review, The Cedar, Fall 2018

The Manifest-Station, Absence, Spring 2019

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